Tearjerker Tuesdays: Remember Me

Happy Valentine’s Day, all! Every Tuesday is Tearjerker Tuesday, and today is no exception. Of course, many a valentine’s day is spent indulging in the saddest of love stories, Titanic, The Notebook, Moulin Rouge…the list is endless. But today I decided to review the 2010 heartbreaking romantic drama Remember Me.

Remember Me, directed by Allen Coulter ( Critically, it didn’t do well, and there are some aspects that are problematic. The end in particular is a bit much. I won’t spoil this one, because the twist really does come out of nowhere, which is part of the problem.

The film is centered on the romance between Tyler (Robert Pattinson) and Ally (Emily de Ravin) and branches to their complex relationships with their families. After a run in with a cop, who happens to be Ally’s father (of course), his roommate, Aiden, convinces him to ask Ally out for revenge against her father. This formula has happened one too many times in these romantic movies and it drives me crazy. It’s just the old hunk enters relationship under false pretenses but suddenly falls for the girl and girl finds out why the relationship started and freaks out cliché. This weighs down the plot and makes it feel old and recycled.

However, the chemistry between the leads is palpable, and I would argue this is the best Robert Pattinson has ever acted. Yes he goes for his old introverted, brooding poet shtick, but he’s so charming. He is fun to watch, he is believable, and he’s just a character you understand and thus root for. His relationship with the little sister feels genuine and his frustration with his father (Pierce Brosnan) feels warranted. He sometimes falls into the rich kid that whines about problems he doesn’t have to have category, but for the most part you understand the motivation for all of his interactions with each person.

The other highlight is the romance itself. It takes the time to develop which so many romantic dramas and comedies don’t do. They have a repertoire with each other that makes them both likeable and relatable. They seem like a real and plausible couple, and together help each other get over their shared tragedies. They make sense together and it’s refreshing. They take time, they go on dates, you see them actually falling for each other. It’s a well-done progression.

The only problem I have with the film has to be the ending. It is a sudden twist and I commend it, but I would have just scrapped the last ten minutes. The montage of reaction shots seems forced. Peirce Brosnan’s is the absolute worst. He looks like he just got a Botox injection and has no idea what facial expressions are. If he was witnessing what was going on, I really doubt that would be his reaction. I also don’t really know how the end made Ally conquer her fear of the subways. I guess it ties to their initial restaurant conversation about never knowing what could happen. Still, it just seems like a weird inclusion.

Still how they chose to end it felt like they didn’t have any idea how to tie up the story lines and just picked a tragedy and used it to have something concrete to end on. I understand they wanted to tie up the many lose story points, and show how people heal after tragedy, but how they shot it came off as hokey and almost offensive. They should have finished with the zoom out shot and cut to black. Let the audience dwell on the scene. It would have been a much more powerful ending. The ending is a mess, but besides that I think Remember Me is a well-acted, well-shot romance that is guaranteed to make you cry this Valentine’s Day.

Amy’s Recommendation: 9/10


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