Mom’s Movie Week: The Boss

In the long line of crude comedies by the ever-amusing Melissa McCarthy comes the next installment, The Boss. Directed by her adorable husband, Ben Falcone, this movie follows McCarthy’s character Michelle Darnell as she loses everything and movies into her former assistant’s home. She then sees her possible rise back into financial success in a local Girl Scout troop.

It’s a pretty straightforward flick, composed of a lot of bits that are reminiscent of McCarthy’s many characters. She’s found her niche in crude physical humor and she follows typical suite with this film too. Kristen Bell plays her assistant, and as a huge fan, I think she holds her own here and is pretty well matched with McCarthy. The kids are all kind of one-joke premises. They swear and one girl is very tall and aggressive. That’s about all the character development they get, but it’s fine because we really don’t care about them all that much. The tender moments are effective and we see the once entirely narcissistic character, Michelle Darnell, evolve and become a more well rounded character.

The only part I would say was a detriment was Peter Dinklage as the villain. He is a little annoying and his jokes don’t’ really hit their mark. He is over-the-top but not in a good way. It comes off silly, a caricature, and doesn’t really land as a solid character. This also goes for Darnell’s driver, Tito, who’s jokes go on too long and seem misplaced. Luckily he’s not in it for too long.

The best part of the whole thing is obviously Melissa McCarthy. She’s a funny actress and although she often falls into the same routine with joke delivery, she still has funny original moments. She’s crude, clumsy, and unafraid to say whatever she wants and it pays off.

There are some really funny points and some really stupid points, but overall it’s a decently entertaining hour and forty-five minutes. Is it the next great comedy? No. Is it still a pretty fun way to pass some time? Yeah, I would say so.

Amy’s Recommendation: 6/10

Mom’s Thoughts:
“It was funny in spots, but the language was too vulgar. When kids swear it seems like a cheap way to get laughs, but I don’t like it.”


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  1. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and look forward to it each and every week….however, I would like to hear more from what your “mom” thinks…I find here entertaining and blunt!!!


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