Mom’s Movie Week: Get Out

Finally, I get a chance to review a theatrical release! Due to my college student budget I never get to make it to the theaters anymore, but viva la Spring Break in Massachusetts! My mother and I ventured out to the mall to see the incredibly well received Get Out to see if it lived up to it’s hype.

Get Out tells the story of Chris, an African American man, who visits his white girlfriend’s family in upstate New York. Things seem strange, but the longer Chris stays, the more he realizes that strange can quickly descend into danger.

Jordan Peele (of the Key and Peele variety) directs this weird satire/horror/comedy/thriller and honestly, I assumed it was going to be another over-hyped critic bait movie when I entered the theater. However, I must say I was impressed. The final plot twist is one I truly didn’t see coming, which is incredibly rare in modern horror and I can’t spoil it because it really is quite the twist. Jordan Peele is a proven comedic gem, and Get Out has some solid laughs, but it is so much more than a simple dark comedy or generic horror satire. It is a truly original film. I was worried that it would feel like a stretched out or overcomplicated skit, as Jordan Peele’s claim to fame is his sketch series and this is his first feature film. However, it defied expectations and the final result is a solid satirical film.

It is incredibly difficult to blend humor and horror together without sounding like you’re making Scary Movie 6: Girlfriend’s House or some other off-brand terrible horror satire. Horror satires are either brilliant (i.e. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil or Scream) or just god-awful (i.e. Scary Movie Franchises and A Haunted House). This movie I must say falls in the brilliant category. It was fresh, funny, and genuinely entertaining. It delivers some solid scares with eerie visuals on top of already scary social conventions without the annoying reliance on jump scares. It’s an over-the-top psychological thriller that also serves as a biting satire on modern social norms dealing with race and class structures. I wish I could get into the social satire so much more, but alas, Spoilers. Still, trust me the interesting and original viewpoint on new slavery, modern racism, and cultural appropriation will leave you thinking.

The best part of this film is watching it play out. There are so many weird twists that keep you on the edge of your seat for the entirety of the film. For a film that majorly takes place in one location, that is quite the feat. It is also insanely original, and for the horror genre, that is practically impossible. That is easily the best part of the film, the sheer originality. A breath of fresh air in the horror genre is so desperately needed that this kind of story is welcomed and heralded for it’s sheer original feel. It finds it’s premise and it follows it to the smallest details. The dialogue is funny and clever, the premise is outlandish but intriguing, and then there is the shining star of the entire film: Rodney Williams, TSA.

Developing an entirely original premise, Jordan Peele has created the near perfect blend of satire and horror. It is a clever satire of society and the horror genre in general, and it delivers. The acting is incredible (except the brother who seems more like a purge extra than a paid role) and allows the story to follow its outrageous path until it’s gloriously insane finale. It is well paced, well acted, and well written and is honestly a completely entertaining hour and forty-five minutes that’ll even leave you thinking after the credits roll. Also hello, it has Rodney Williams, TSA, case closed.

Amy’s Recommendation: 9.5/10

Mom’s Thoughts:
“The movie generates a real sense of suspense. I was on the edge of my seat the entire movie. However, I am not a fan of gore, and this movie has some really gory moments. Still, I was anxious all day, and it really stuck with me, which I guess is what horror movies are supposed to do.”


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