Monster Monday: The Perfect Host

The Perfect Host follows John Taylor, who after fleeing from a bank robbery cons his way into the house of Warwick Wilson and soon learns he has made a terrible mistake.

David Hyde Pierce, aka Niles from Frasier pretty much plays an alternate, delusional version of the same character. Seriously, if you ever wondered what would happen if Dr. Niles Crane had a breakdown, this is pretty much what it would look like. All in all, his performance is pretty good, but he falls victim to the terrible plot line.

The highlight for me was Clayne Crawford’s character, John Taylor. He was very charming and the film does a good job of establishing his motivations and making him a likable guy. He has a well-rounded and interesting character. This contrasts with David Hyde Pierce’s character who’s motivations are extremely confusing, which you can always blame on the mental disorder, but still there are just too many loose ends to his character that never really tie together.

The premise seems like an interesting switch-up on a traditional home invasion tale, but what we get is the a convoluted and often confusing plot twist fest that tries to keep surprising us to the point where they eventually lose us altogether. There are just too many loose ends that are never really answered and it feels like they never really settle on what tone they want this movie to be. The tone of the whole film veers from police drama to black comedy to psychological thriller all under two hours and it’s exhausting.

This is another one of those movies that thinks that more twists automatically equal a more original plot, but it really just crams unrelated story lines together to make an altogether worse final product. I really wanted to like this film. I do like David Hyde Pierce, and I think both his and Clayne Crawford’s performances were interesting. The first half as a final product was pretty good, but then it just gets goofy. The dinner party should have just ended the way it would have logically ended without the weird twist in the second half that really lost it for me. It took such a sharp turn from the psychological horror flick it originally seemed to be that it totally lost my interest. My suggestion, come for the weird choreographed dance number in the middle, and leave by the third plot twist.

Amy’s Recommendation: 5/10
Available on Netflix


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