Wildcard Wednesday: 5 to 7

5 to 7 tells the story of a struggling New York City writer and a French bureaucrat’s wife who begin a sexual tryst.

This is one of those films that make me miss Anton Yelchin even more than I already do. It is one of the few real grown-up (or at least more grown up than usual) roles that Anton ever really got to act, since he was type casted as a very youthful and younger character. He never got to grow up. After seeing this performance, it makes me deeply sad. He plays a truly heartbreaking and fantastic role in this film.

I honestly love writer characters and I love New York movies, so I think it was near impossible for me not to enjoy this film. I think sometimes it suffers from being too intelligent that it borders on a lack of realism, but in the end it tied everything together so beautifully that you forget the few wonky moments in the middle.

There really are some fantastic quotes riddled throughout the screenplay and it tackles full-on what it’s like to love the impossible and to love the city and how they both are the same. I think Anton Yelchin has a fantastic voice for voiceover narration, and although it is prevalent throughout which some find distracting, I thought was used just enough.

I will say sometimes it does feel like a very intellectual film that knows how smart it is and relishes in it. It a tad elitist in a kind of Woody Allen type of way, but I don’t think it was distracting enough to be detrimental to the entire piece. Anton Yelchin isn’t really a household name, but he really should be and this film I think exemplified the range he could play.

All in all I think 5 to 7 is a modern, well done romantic comedy/drama that presents a doomed relationship, but makes you invest in it even against better judgment. It was smart, charming, sexy, and heart wrenching, and I loved it. It is a little slow, and takes a while to really find its true heart, but when it finds it, it breaks yours.

RIP Anton Yelchin, one of my all time favorite actors since Hearts in Atlantis.

Amy’s Recommendation: 8/10


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