Wildcard Wednesday: In The Loop

In the Loop is a political satire about British and United States government officials squabbling over the potential invasion of the Middle East.

I had only known this movie as the swearing Peter Capadli movie and that was about it, but what I got was so much more. British comedy is a really special kind of comedy and either you love it or you really don’t enjoy it at all. I personally love it, so this film was right up my alley. It’s dry and witty and approaches satire often in a new and interesting way. My best description for this film would be if the British version of The Office met with the American version of The Office but now they work in government instead of a paper company. It’s the same time of film technique and comedy style. It doesn’t hurt that literally Gabe from the American version of The Office is also cast in this film as pretty much the exact same character. With a face like Zach Woods (Gabe) its pretty easy to be type-casted as the awkward weird guy.

After seeing this film, I will always wonder who thought letting Peter Capaldi later be cast in a children’s show (Doctor Who) was a good idea. The amount of insults and swears this guy gets out in an hour and forty-five minutes may be legendary. He made me laugh out loud on multiple occasions, and you just relish when he shows up to steal every scene he’s in.

The film as whole is a hilarious. It is a new approach to satire that I think really paid off. The characters are loveably insane and the clash between British and American politics makes for already funny situations. It does feel like a really long pilot for a TV show, so I Googled it, and turns out it is based on the British TV show The Thick of It and shares some of its characters including Malcolm Tucker, Peter Capaldi’s foul-mouthed Brit which explains why its shot to feel like a TV show. Still I would argue that it is fine as a stand-alone film and the characters feel fresh enough that you don’t feel your missing crucial expository information.

Pretty much, if you ever wondered what would happen if The Office weirdly merged with House of Cards in the best and most British way possible, this is what you get.

Amy’s Recommendation: 9/10

I’ll save you the Google, the girl who plays Liza, is in fact the little girl from My Girl. That is why she looks so familiar, because she looks exactly the same as when she was 11.

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