HBO Spotlight: Eddie the Eagle

I didn’t want to do two biopics in a week, but stay tuned because I ended up doing three. Sorry folks. Second in my line of three is Eddie the Eagle. This is also my second Taron Egerton movie this week, and I’m sorry but I am very excited for the second Kingsman movie and you all should be too.

Anyways, Eddie the Eagle, tells the true story of Eddie Edwards, a British boy from a working class family who dreams of becoming an Olympian despite overwhelming odds.

Taron Egerton, adorable Brit he is, is unrecognizable as Eddie. He plays the darkish charm of Edwards in expert fashion. With his coke-bottle frames, his awkward smile, and bad knees he is clearly an underdog, but he has such charm and adorability that you just can’t help but hope he accomplishes everything he ever wants. Still the stakes to be an Olympian ski jumper is much higher than just accomplishing your goal. If you mess up the 90m jump, you could die.

Hugh Jackman as his coach is equally captivating as a drunken ex-jumper for America. He plays opposite to Egerton fantastically, and they form an unlikely and yet charming team.

I must say, I would never assume I could build such tension and anxiety out of a movie about white people leaping from a ski slope for no other reason besides it is an Olympic sport somehow, but let me tell you I did. It creates real tension and makes you care for this loveable little dork so much. This movie, although based on a real person, creates such a dynamic underdog character that you genuinely care about what happens to him. This Olympic game in particular was before my birth, hence why I wouldn’t know the outcome from history. A movie’s primary goal is to create characters that you care about and this movie succeeds on both fronts with Eddie and his coach, Bronson. Bronson is a character not based in historical context, he is a complete fabrication and he is just an interesting and dynamic character.

It’s a fairly straightforward story, but it feels fresh by showcasing an unknown sport and a genuinely likeable character. I really enjoyed this little movie and I thought it was an interesting story that deserved to be told. Eddie the Eagle is a charming, funny, and sweet story about a man who was constantly told he would be nothing, who pushed himself to be the best he could possibly be.

Amy’s Recommendation: 8.5/10



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