Monster Monday: Green Room

Green Room tells the story of a touring punk band who find themselves playing for a group of Neo-Nazis after a bad show. After discovering something they weren’t supposed to see, they find themselves in horrible danger.

I didn’t know anything about this movie except Anton Yelchin was in it, and I miss him, so I instantly gave it a watch. (Not a spoiler, but he’s amazing as always) Forewarning- this flick is not for the faint of heart. It’s gritty and the violence is definitely cringe-worthy, with some pretty nasty injuries and scenes. Still, you kind of expect that going forward (except for one surprisingly graphic injury, but you’ll know that one when you see it) but after you acclimate to the sudden shift in tone, it’s a great movie.

Most of the tension is focused on the claustrophobic aspect of being stuck in one room, uncertain of what’s outside. It’s very Cloverfield Lane-esque in that aspect, in fact most of the movie takes place in one location, and that instantly makes the tension escalate, as they have to figure out what to do in such a small and hostile environment.

Now this whole “kids are trapped in a small space and have to fight their way out” thing isn’t new. But what separates it from other genre films of the same kind is the caliber cast. Trapped in one room for a prolonged period of time and facing death just outside the door, the group has to figure out how they each will fight to survive. Each person has a different approach, and they have to risk everything to make it out alive.

The other highlight of the film is the head Nazi Darcy (I don’t really know what you would call a head Nazi), but he owns the bar they’re trapped in and is played by the incredible Patrick Stewart. He’s a chilling and calculated villain that creates a horrifying situation for the band who did nothing but happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even though a Nazi gathering hall is probably always the wrong place and there is no such thing as a right time.

Overall, it’s a well orchestrated horror flick. The tension runs high and there some solid plot twists and surprise moments that make this movie stand out from the other deluge of basic horror flicks. Some of the beginning injuries are a little stomach turning, but as the violence escalates, the characters must adapt to survive and once guns are introduced it gets wild. You’re on edge the entire time as you wait to see who (if any) of your favorite band members will make it out alive.

Amy’s Recommendation: 8/10


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