Throwback Thursday: The Untouchables

The Untouchables tells the story of a group of cops, led by Elliot Ness (Kevin Costner), that start a war with the most powerful man in Chicago, Al Capone.

This highly stylized gangster flick directed by Brian De Palma of Scarface fame stars Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, and Robert De Niro. De Niro plays the suave and wickedly corrupt Capone with that typical De Niro gravitas that elevated Capone into an icon who ruled Chicago through alcohol and violence. I can never separate De Niro from a New York gangster vibe, so sometimes I had to remind myself that this is Chicago and not New York, but still it is a captivating performance and the film tackles the sheer scope of Capone’s empire very well. And let’s just say it, the dinner scene is fantastic, and is a perfect illustration of all things Capone.

Sean Connery is badass in this movie. He’s my favorite part for sure, as a gruff older cop who takes a mentor position over the group. He’s tough, gritty, and doesn’t mind doing what has to get done. Complete with Connery accent and all, he delivers my favorite line in the whole movie. After pulling a gun on a suspect who is fleeing the scene, he hilariously yells out “All right! Enough of this running shit!” Ah Connery, always sassy, always classy.

Besides one scene near the end that has the most laughable CGI I have ever seen, the action scenes are really well done. Gory, but well paced and tension-driven, the shoot-outs and explosions usually look impressive. The score sounds incredible. The cinematography has some new and interesting shots. Although there are a few slower moments, the pacing is usually consistent.

Overall, I really liked it. It heats up a lot at the end, and the Canadian/American bridge showdown is one of my favorite action scenes of all time. It has humor, action, and Robert De Niro. What more could you ever want?

Amy’s Recommendation: 7/10


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