Tearjerker Tuesday: The Break-Up

This aptly named movie charts the break up of Gary (Vince Vaughn) and Brooke (Jennifer Aniston). However, the break up gets messier and messier as they try and decide who keeps their upscale condo.

Most of the movie is a generic romantic comedy, but since the whole subject is a break-up there are some pretty sad scenes too. Watching a once successful, happy relationship devolve is always sad, regardless of the antics they both get into to in order to out do each other. Unfortunately, the antics themselves really aren’t funny and are pretty dull and depressing. Vince Vaughn plays the typical prick character that made him famous, and honestly I can’t believe they got together in the first place.

There are some comedic characters. Brooke’s acapella loving brother, Richard, is pretty funny, played by the loveable John Michael Higgins who also plays an acapella nerd in the Pitch Perfect films. Her gay coworker/receptionist Christopher is always enjoyable to watch, played by Justin Long (with a ponytail!). I stand by the fact that the funniest bit in the whole movie is that Vince Vaughn would score Jennifer Aniston in the first place and then have the audacity to not adore her.

Anyway, this movie isn’t Oscar-worthy, it’s barely that good, but I don’t hate it. I don’t want to ruin it, but its that final scene gets me every time. I can promise it’ll get you too. I can’t complain that Vaughn and Aniston have no chemistry, because for the most part they’re trying to get at each other. Still I can’t ever picture them dating. And he’s such a jerk most of the time that you really never root for them to get back together. The worst part about this movie is that we don’t even see their relationship. We get a shitty montage for two minutes in the opening and then an awkward dinner scene. That’s the extent they are together. So who honestly cares about the break up?! We don’t even know if they were ever good together. Still there are a couple scenes that are honestly pretty depressing, but its all because Jennifer Aniston is such a good actress. Vaughn just looks confused most of the time. By the end of this whole charade you aren’t routing for them to get together anymore. You are almost rooting for the opposite. You deserve better Aniston.

Still I don’t hate this movie, even despite it’s flaws. There are some moments that are truly sad and the ending is heartfelt and offers a decent conclusion to the plot. It’s simple, but its acceptable, and it hits home to anyone that has been dumped, the dumpee, or has called it quits together. It’s not the best movie in the world, but its a simple wine and movie night watch that’s probably been sitting in your Netflix list for a while now. Break ups unequivocally suck, but surprisingly this movie doesn’t. As long as you’re in for a simple flick that has a few good scenes to get you teary, this one will probably do the trick.

Amy’s Recommendation: 5/10


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