Wildcard Wednesday: Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes tells the story of Rick Santoro (not Rick Santorum as I hilariously thought they were saying for a little too long), a corrupt Atlantic City cop that finds himself in the middle of an assassination plot during a highly anticipated boxing match.

The film opens on Nicholas Cage going full out Nick Cage, overacting and being wild, but it’s all in good fun. Then it kind of loses the fun as the film progresses. Cage finds himself unwittingly in the middle of the action as the Secretary of Defense of the United States is shot right next to him. He then finds himself investigating the shady underground world of gambling and corruption that evolves into a much greater mystery than he was prepared to handle. As he is pushed farther and farther into the depths of conspiracy he is forced to discover the lines even he isn’t prepared to cross.

Now, that synopsis sounds great. However, the overall movie leaves a lot to be desired. The first half isn’t terrible, and it sets the scene for an interesting mystery. 14,000 people are locked in this massive arena/hotel/casino, one person isn’t who they seem, and there happens to be a hurricane outside. Meanwhile only Nick Cage is investigating this high stakes murder when everyone could be a suspect.

Then it kind of goes off the rails a bit. I mean to be honest, the villain is really obvious, so the ultimate reveal really isn’t that satisfying. The final fight scene is so ridiculous that it kind of undermines the whole set-up. The villain although predictable is still pretty good at being evil. The female lead starts out as a likeable character, but then they literally lock in her in a room for a huge chunk of the film. The actual ending is tacked on and irrelevant. The film just kind of goes through the motions without having anything interesting or new to add. There is also the most eye-roll inducing title drop possibly in all of movie history. It wastes it’s potential for a good Nick Cage movie (back when good Nick Cage performances were even remotely expected. Pre-bankruptcy. This was the year after Con Air people!) and offers a bland movie-by-numbers experience that doesn’t deliver on a potentially interesting set-up.

Amy’s Recommendation: 4/10


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