Showtime Wildcard Wednesday: The Bank Job

The Bank Job tells the story of an amateur group of British thieves who are commissioned to rob a bank, unaware that a much higher authority has ordered the task. Draining the security deposit boxes of London officials, they manage to create enemies from top officials, MI5 officers, and the seedy London underground.

This gritty British, Jason Statham-led action thriller gathers an interesting ensemble cast together to pull off a huge heist. Unbeknownst to them, they are working as pawns to recover blackmail material currently held by a shady Black Power advocate who calls himself Michael X.

This movie was entertaining enough as a typical heist movie, but then they turn around and tell you it was all a true story. Now I assumed this was a Blair Witch kind of true story, where is was all made up to boost sales. This story seemed a little too outrageous to be true. But apparently, it was actually a legend that was confirmed by a collaborating informer who was in touch with the directors of the film. Adding the true story element actually makes this story all the more intriguing and incredible.

Jason Statham plays the lead, Terry, who is dragged back into the business through an ex-lover Martine. As he tries to get one last score for his family he drags his whole team into more danger than they could have imagined. Suddenly finding himself mixed into the underground world of sex and drugs present in London, he creates powerful enemies that threaten his friends and family. This is added to the enemies he creates in both the police department and higher government. If indeed this is a true story, which considering many of the true elements I’m sure it is, it truly is an incredible story.

With a gritty and fast-paced plot and interesting and engaging ensemble cast, The Bank Job is a fantastic heist film. Statham plays a powerful lead, and although his action scenes are not as numerous as most of his other films, they are still well coordinated. Not to say this movie isn’t violent, of course it is, but Statham plays a more grounded character that fights his way out of trouble with both his brain and his fists. It’s a smart film with true tension, real-life intrigue, and a complex and interesting story. A heist movie that focuses on its characters just as much as its action is refreshing and this film does not disappoint.

Amy’s Recommendation: 9/10


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