Tearjerker Tuesday: Some Freaks

Some Freaks tells the story of Matt (Thomas Mann), an eye-patch clad high schooler who feel lost until he meets Jill (Lily Mae Harrington), an overweight transfer student. They’re relationship is threatened as Jill transforms in college and Matt struggles to adjust.

This movie follows three outcasts: Matt, his best friend Elmo, and his girlfriend Jill. As they struggle to embrace what ostracized them in high school, they learn that even with change the world can be just as cruel. Only after moment of brutality are they forced to reunite and come to terms with the fact the world may never accept them.

Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about this movie. But there are a lot of movies I feel like that about. After the credits roll you sit back for a brief moment and wonder…did I even enjoy that? And my tentative answer is yes. Yes I did. The main characters are likable, even when they are constantly doing horrible things to one another. And although the movie seemed to start out like a PSA, it really turned into a character-driven drama that reflected on what it means to be “normal” to yourself and to other people, and if that’s something that even exists. Even the most normal looking people have issues and can do horrible things.

I was already a huge fan of Thomas Mann (honestly if you haven’t seen Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl, do it…like right now) and he has another great performance in this film as a likeable guy who is driven to be incredibly harsh at times by deep insecurities involving his eye. I had never seen anything with Lily Mae Harrington, but she has a great performance as well as Jill, a tough on the outside girl dealing with weight insecurities as she enters into college. Their insecurities, or the things that brought them together, eventually become the very thing that tears that apart. The script is really good, but these two actors really drive the film and make it so poignant and so tragic at the same time.

Amy’s Recommendation: 8/10

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