Throwback Thursday: Lethal Weapon

I’m gettin’ too old for this shit.

Ironically I had never seen Lethal Weapon but I feel like every movie since then has used that line. Danny Glover and Mel Gibson star in this buddy cop flick about two cops who find unlikely friendship after having to partner up to stop a dangerous drug smuggling ring.

First of all, a movie whose opening scene opens up with boobs and cocaine is a ballsy movie. I was not ready for this. Also it is SUPER weird to wish your dad a happy birthday while he’s in the tub. Super weird. Also we are introduced to Mel Gibson’s character ass-first and I was not ready for this at all. Okay that’s all the live commentary I have on the first five minutes of this film, I’ll regain normal structure. Sorry y’all.

Anyway Riggs and Murtaugh find themselves tangled in a heroin smuggling ring headed by the always gross-looking Gary Busey. And then the bro-centric action insanity begins. Cars chases, Mel Gibson’s abs, a bromantic hand-to-hand combat scene in the rain, and the complete absence of any worthy female characters make this the most 1980s bro movie I have ever scene. For a little bit, the cheese factor and the haircut that Mel Gibson was really committed to in 1987 was kind of losing me throughout the film, but as it wrapped up I hate to say it but I kind of really enjoyed it.

It’s over the top, but in a really fun way, and it completely knows it. From Gibson’s one-liners to the cemented in cinema history’s “I’m getting too old for this shit” catchphrase it was bound to be an over-the-top Christmas spectacular of a bro movie. I love adding movies to the “This is a Christmas movie?” List, and honestly who would have ever thought freaking Lethal Weapon would ever get on that list. But oh it did. I loved all the cheese and the action and it made it a really fun buddy cop flick. Can Mel Gibon catch up to a freeway bound car on foot? Oh course he can! Will the police department allow him to have a sexy mud fight with the main villain they’ve been chasing this whole time jut so Gibson’s redemption arch can be completed? Of course they will! And if you can suspend logic and just enjoy an hour and a half insane action, this is the perfect way to do so.

Amy’s Recommendation: 7/10

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