Wildcard Wednesday: Dismissed

Dismissed stars Dylan Sprouse as a brilliant high school student, Lucas Ward, who sets out to destroy his teacher after receiving a grade he feels he didn’t deserve. As the normal, optimistic high school teacher begins to see his life spiraling he begins to suspect the ambitious, and strange teen.

A slow burning thriller, the audience watches as Lucas’ actions escalate as he will do anything to get what he wants, in this case an A in English class. At first I thought this was the major problem with the movie. The motivation seems silly, like it’s such a trivial goal and the lengths he goes to get it are certainly extreme. However, the more I thought about it, it makes it all the more chilling. The crimes he commits just to get an A are chilling, never mind what he would do to get anything actually important.

I couldn’t tell if I liked the movie for a while, but I have to say I think I really did. Dylan gives a weird performance, and yes there are a bunch of cliches abound, but it’s a decent thriller. He plays a pretty good psychopath. There are some plot threads that don’t really go anywhere. Like, I guess this isn’t a spoiler, but when they talk about how bad Lucas is, they like zoom into a picture of his dead mom. Or his dad talks about how off his son is, he picks up a picture of Lucas’ mom. So I guess it’s supposed to be implied he killed his mother, but they don’t follow it up at all. I guess that was their way of telling us that, but it was a little confusing.

I would say this isn’t a new movie at all. It’s a pretty cut and dry psychopath kid fixates on one person in their life and sets out to ruin them, but it is an interesting film that slowly burns into a heated conclusion. I thought I was decent, albeit a little cliched. Dylan Sprouse has returned to acting, and I think he doesn’t do half bad here. Picture The Good Son if he ever reached high school.

Amy’s Recommendation: 7/10

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