Showtime WildCard Wednesday: Con Air

Con Air is the insane roller coaster you don’t know if you wanted to ride, but you’re weirdly happy you went on. It follows Cameron Poe (Nicholas Cage) an ex-military man who is jailed after a bar fight gone wrong. Finally paroled and excited to reunite with his family, he boards a plane that will take him home. The only downside is the plane is also filled with some of the worst prisoners the prison has to offer.

This is the first time watching this movie in a really long time, but I had remembered loving it the first time around. Upon second viewing… well, I still love this movie. Is it good? No. Does everything make sense? No. But this movie is honestly just so insane that it passes for fun. John Malkovich is always fun the more psychotic his character is allowed to be, and here he plays the lead psychopath, Cyrus the Virus. He is brutally commanding and honestly a lot of fun to watch onscreen. Steve Buscemi plays a serial killer, The Marietta Mangler, who really deserved a lot more screen time in this movie. The little scene we got from him with the little girl is creepy, but thrilling and I wanted so much more insight about his character. He doesn’t do nearly enough. The other cons, introduced in Suicide Squad list fashion, include some heavy hitters like Danny Trejo and Ving Rhames. Combined with the snarky edge of John Cusack as the cop on their tail (also thank God John Cusack did not pursue an action star career, it doesn’t look good on him), the cast is pretty decent.

Does that mean this movie is free from problems? Oh my god no. The gay character in this movie is borderline offensive. Nicholas Cage sometimes forgets he’s supposed to be doing an accent (what that accent actually is can be debated) at some points. Cage’s mullet hair is super weird. Dave Chappelle is in this movie for some reason. There’s some doubt on how easy a plane can be freaking hot-wired like a cheap car. Why is the D.E.A in charge of a prisoner transfer? Of course SOMEONE has diabetes to add tension. There’s a line that make me gag laughing every time, unintentionally, involving a stuffed bunny and putting it back into a box. You’ll see. Plus, the amount of explosions in the finale made me Google TWICE if Michael Bay was the director of this movie. To save you the Google, he is in fact not associated with this motion picture.

Overall this movie is objectively strange. If you can suspend logic and overall disbelief at the logistics, it’s an enjoyable little movie. It’s no Oscar-bait but it never really tries to be. Malkovich and Cage are giving it way too much effort and it’s really fun to watch unfold. Honestly, this might be my official guilty pleasure movie. A movie you know is pretty stupid but can’t bear to look away.

Amy’s Recommendation: 7/10

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