Favorite Film Friday: The Mist

In this Stephen King adaptation a group of strangers are trapped inside of a supermarket as a mist concealing mysterious creatures rolls into town. Although the set up is little more than a creature feature, trapping such different people together and examining how they would react in an apocalyptic situation adds another psychological level to a basic concept.

As the mysterious mist begins to turn locals and outsiders against one another, the mystery surrounding the disaster causes multiple theories to take hold. Is it dangerous? God’s end of days? Or simply a natural disaster? The tension begins as a slow burn and amps up into chaos as the true meaning of the mist is revealed and people’s true colors are exposed.

The only downfall to this movie has to be the CGI. The monsters are pretty lame looking in general, but the effects besides the computer-generated creatures are pretty solid. You just never really buy that the creatures are where they’re supposed to be. They look more like video game effects. Still there are some really strong performances to make up for it. Toby Jones, Marcia Gay Harden, and Thomas Jane have solid and powerful performances, especially Harden who plays a religious zealot who is convinced this is God’s Apocalypse.

This film is one of the most polarizing in Stephen King’s filmography. This film took liberties when it came to the ending, changing it completely from the book its based on. Some fans applauded it and others hate it. Not just a mild dislike but hate. And it really is a brutal end, one that I absolutely love. My favorite horror movies have endings that stick with you. Strangers was one of the more powerful modern examples, but this was the original. It will leave you breathless and devastated but that’s the whole point of horror. A brutal examination of humanity and the lengths we go to survive and to protect the ones we love.

Even if the film can be slow at parts, effects can be hokey in, the ending is one of the most brutal, and powerful in the horror genre. An interesting reflection on the darker aspects of humanity, The Mist is ironically quite revealing.
Amy’s Recommendation: 9/10

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