Throwback Thursday: The 40-Year Old Virgin

The 40-Year Old Virgin follows Andy, a hapless tech store employee who is exposed to his coworkers as a virgin at a poker game. They decide to rally around him and set off on the seemingly impossible quest of getting him laid.

Literally chuck full of A-listers, this is a comedy powerhouse with each star bringing their own brand of comedy to the table. Andy’s coworkers include Dave (Paul Rudd), Jay (Romany Malco), and Cal (Seth Rogen) but the cast also includes powerhouses like Elizabeth Banks, Jane Lynch, Catherine Keener, and Jonah Hill. A raucous sex comedy this film relies a lot on sight gags and body humor, but it’s effective in Apatow’s hands. It ends up really being a surprisingly endearing buddy comedy as a group of dudes all help Andy get what he thinks he needs, and he ends up finding what he always wanted: connection. It’s an incredibly weird film, but also weirdly sweet. Trust Apatow to craft a sex comedy with a record low amount of actual sex.

This movie is mostly enjoyable because Carrell crafts a character that we love, even when he’s being as cringe-inducing as possible. Still the gags are solid, and Carrell’s comedic performance is pitch perfect boosted and amplified by capable costars. This movie ended up representing the signature brand of an Apatow comedy and judging by his success and long list of genuinely hilarious flicks it was a great starting off point.

It’s so hard to write a review for genuinely good movies, and this one is equally hard. And just like the time it takes for Andy to finish on his first go, it is also quite short. A fantastic director, brilliantly funny cast, and an original concept create the trifecta needed for a hilarious hour and half. Don’t wait forty years to crack into this one.

Amy’s Recommendation: 9/10

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