Tearjerker Tuesday: P.S. I Love You

P.S. I Love You follows Holly (Hillary Swank) as she tries to come to grips with her life after losing her husband Gerry (Gerard Butler). Falling into a deep depression, she is revived when a mysterious series of letters from Gerry force her to come to grips with his passing and take positive steps towards recovery.

Now I used to watch this movie all the time in high school if I needed a good cry, and yes there are some moments in here that are just tragic, but I don’t think I remembered it being a comedy, or trying to shoehorn so much comedy into a movie about coping with death. Usually these kinds of movies wait for the dramatic sad moment at the end to really hit you with (i.e Titanic, The Notebook…you get the gist) but I think some of the most poignant moments in this movie are in the middle. I guess revealing them would be a spoiler but my favorite takes place in a karaoke bar and yeah, okay a tear was shed. But that begs the final question that all reviews must answer. Is this a good movie? Well high school Amy would have killed you for even questioning it. Of course it’s a good movie! A classic! But now as I really pay attention signs point closer to no.

The characters are all cliché versions of people. The sassy one (Lisa Kudrow) that always wants to get laid is the comedic relief. The mother (Kathy Bates) who never approved of the marriage is overbearing. The weird bartender (Harry Connick Jr.) is socially inappropriate. Gerry is just the perfect husband who is dastardly handsome and perfect and every way. Holly is sad. All the situations are super forced and sometimes very awkward. It’s like it’s unsure if it wants to be a romantic comedy or a poignant look back at a marriage that ended tragically. It’s just he’s alive in the first five minutes and then boom he’s dead. No sight of him getting sick or any notion he would be dead, nope just surprise this is his memorial now don’t get attached. It pretty much describes the tone for the rest of the movie: jarring.

There are some really sweet scenes scattered about throughout this flick, and every time Gerard Butler is on screen he really steals the show. He’s just not really onscreen enough. Well yes because he’s dead, but he’s absolutely the best part about this movie. He and Swank have nice chemistry together, but she’s pretty dull when she’s alone. The plot itself requires a massive suspension of disbelief, as things work out a little to well for a plan laid out beyond the grave.

Anywho, before I get into spoiler territory I’ll leave it at that. It’s a sad feeling when movies you really like turn out to not be as good as you remember, and unfortunately this one qualifies. Jarring tone, thin characters, and just not enough Butler, makes this a bit of wreck that even it’s most tender scenes can’t make up for.

Amy’s Recommendation: 4/10

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