Favorite Movie Friday: Accepted

This may be film reduced to the “Ask Me About My Weiner” meme, i.e below:


but I always fondly look back on one of the most outrageous, funniest dumb comedies that is Accepted. After not getting accepted into any college he applied to, the hapless Bartleby (Justin Long) decides to trick his parents by convincing them he got into a fake college he created with his friends. As he pushes the charade along, he grows further and further over his head as he inadvertently enters a battle with the local school’s fraternity, BKE as well as their curmudgeon of a Dean.

This is the ultimate underdog story. Not because it’s the most well thought out genius plan that’s been put onscreen or because a true underdog relied on his wits and cunning to get out of a real pickle, but because the entire cast is comprised of underdogs. This ragtag group of weirdoes that form the student body of South Hampton School of Technology (S.H.I.T) as they force puns into for the entirety of the film, is truly a weird one. But as they attract more and more outlandish individuals the antics grow more fun. Anything is believable because the cast is so strange and fun.

This movie has a weird amount of A-listers (well I guess future A-listers) amongst its ranks. The ethereal Blake Lively doesn’t get a ton to work with besides being incredibly hot, but she is incredibly hot and charming to boot, so she naturally nails it. Jonah Hill and Justin Long have carved genuine careers for themselves and seeing them as little fledglings here is really entertaining. Lewis Black plays Lewis Black and honestly…no complaints here. Everyone has a “thing” in this movie, but it doesn’t make it feel trivial or trite in any way. It makes the cast colorful. Just because everyone has a schtick doesn’t detract from the comedy, it just lets them lean into it as hard as possible and create some solid jokes as a result.

Is this a brilliant comedy? No. Is it really all that good of a movie? No. But it’s a really fun time with some creative jokes and some really fun characters. There aren’t really that many surprises. The twists and plot developments are kind of expected and I can promise what you think will happen will most likely be what happens. It doesn’t do anything all that new with the classic underdog story, but it crafts it’s own weird little niche for itself that I deem it a new cult classic.

Just the right amount of weird, just the right amount of funny, and just the right amount of dumb, this movie may not be a critics dream but it sure is a fun time had by all.

Amy’s Recommendation: 9/10

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