Film Critiques


Monday: Sinister

Tuesday: Remember Me

Wednesday: The Impossible

Thursday: E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

Friday: The Last Five Years


Monday: Dead Silence

Tuesday: Fruitvale Station

Wednesday: Ask Me Anything

Thursday: The Seven Year Itch

Friday:Hot Fuzz


Monday: 10 Cloverfield Lane

Tuesday: The Reader

Wednesday: Digging for Fire

Thursday: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 

Friday: Into the Wild


Monday: The Craft

Tuesday: Anastasia 

Wednesday: Chicago 

Thursday: Suffragette

Friday: Changeling


Monday: Noah 

Tuesday: The Boss

Wednesday: The Exorcism of Emily Rose 

Thursday: Rocky 

Friday: Get Out


Monday: Pet

Tuesday: The Monster

Wednesday: It Follows

Thursday: They Look Like People 

Friday: The Babadook


Monday: The Perfect Host

Tuesday: The Iron Giant

Wednesday: 5 to 7

Thursday: Less Than Zero 

Friday: Across the Universe


Monday: The Midnight Meat Train 

Tuesday: Safe Haven

Wednesday: In The Loop 

Thursday: Blazing Saddles 

Friday: Midnight in Paris

Finals Season began, sorry for that gap everyone!


Monday: Deadpool

Tuesday: Be Kind Rewind

Wednesday: Legend

Thursday: Eddie the Eagle 

Friday: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks 


Monday: Yoga Hosers

Tuesday: Mona Lisa Smile

Wednesday: The Manchurian Candidate

Thursday: Young Frankenstein

Friday: The Place Beyond the Pines

7/10-7/14- Amazon Prime Week

Monster Monday: Green Room

Tearjerker Tuesday: Manchester by the Sea

Wildcard Wednesday: Me Before You

Throwback Thursday: The Untouchables

Favorite Film Friday: Manhattan


Monster Monday: Haunter

Tearjerker Tuesday: The Break-Up

Wildcard Wednesday: Snake Eyes

Throwback Thursday:  Police Academy

Favorite Film Friday: Lion

7/24 – 7/27

HBO Monster Monday: They Live

HBO Tearjerker Tuesday: Hacksaw Ridge  

HBO Wildcard Wednesday: Sin City

HBO Throwback Thursday: Raging Bull 

7/31 – 7/4

Showtime Monster Monday: The Thing

Showtime Tearjerker Tuesday: Carol

Showtime Wildcard Wednesday: The Bank Job

Showtime Throwback Thursday: 12 Monkeys

Showtime Favorite Film Friday: Primal Fear


Monster Monday: The Number 23

Tearjerker Tuesday: An American Tail

Wildcard Wednesday: The Founder

Throwback Thursday: Barton Fink

Favorite Film Friday: Zodiac


Monday: Hellraiser

Tearjerker Tuesday: One Day

Wildcard Wednesday: Bronson

Throwback Thursday: Silver Streak

Favorite Film Friday: Burn After Reading 

7/28 – 8/1

Monster Monday: Death Note 

Tearjerker Tuesday: Milk

Wildcard Wednesday: Matchstick Men  

Throwback Thursday: Rounders

Favorite Film Friday: Gone Baby Gone


Monster Monday: Funny Games

Tearjerker Tuesday: Dead Poets Society

Wildcard Wednesday: The Squid and the Whale

Throwback Thursday: Adventures in Babysitting

Favorite Film Friday: Heathers


Monster Monday: The Veil

Tearjerker Tuesday: I Am Sam

Wildcard Wednesday: Half Nelson

Throwback Thursday: Practical Magic

Favorite Film Friday: Never Let Me Go

Spooky Week:

Monday: Pan’s Labyrinth 

Tuesday: The Girl with All the Gifts

Wednesday: Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

Thursday: Pet Semetary  

Friday: Gerald’s Game

Spooky Week 2:

Monday: The Crazies

Tuesday: The Strangers

Wednesday: Red State

Thursday: Odd Thomas

Friday: Children of the Corn